For the last two years, I rowed each day of December (2020, 2021) by starting with a base number of meters on the first of the month and adding that amount each successive day. The base was 325 in 2020 and 375 in 2021.

As I noted last year, I wanted to do 400 as a base this year so I could rank a few workouts–the 2K, 6K, and 10K–so that’s where I started. Due to some planned travel in December I also moved DecembErg to NovembErg with my last day falling on December 1.

How it Went

Like last year I wasn’t in rowing shape but in OK runing shape. For the first week, I did row or run workouts while completing my daily amount. After that, rowing only.

I had a medical procedure on the 15th which I knew about in advance so I doubled up on the 6th to get an extra workout in while the total meters for the day (5200) would be manageable.

The last five days were the hardest: it was a challenge to keep my form from going to crap; my legs, arms, and shoulders were tired; and it was a slog to do daily workouts of nearly an hour. But I managed to keep my pace fairly consistent and only thought about quitting once 😩.


Here’s how the numbers came out:

Metric 2022 Δ from 2021 Δ from 2020
Distance 198,400 m (123 mi) ↑ 12,400 (7.7 mi) ↑ 37,200 (23 mi)
Total Time 15:27:01 ↑ 0:33:12 ↑ 03:01:58
Average Pace 0:02:18 ↓ 00:00:03 ↑ 00:00:01
Calories Burned 11,486 ↑ 916 ↑ 2,047
Average SPM 22 ↓ 2 ⟷ 0

Pretty Graph

Closing Thoughts

Much like the last couple years, toward the end of the month, I started feeling better/getting faster and then had some slower days scattered in.

So what’s the plan for next year? Speed! Maybe as little as 100 meters for the base to get to a 2K on the 20th or maybe 200 to get to it sooner.