Last year, I rowed each day of December by starting with a base of 325 meters on the first of the month and adding that amount each successive day, for a total of 161,200 meters.

This year, I wanted to up the challenge a bit so I started with 375 meters on the first for a total of 186,000 meters.

How it Went

Compared to last year, I didn’t really have a plan. I hadn’t been rowing much so I decided to just jump in and see how it went.

For the first week, I did row or run workouts while completing my daily amount. After that, I only did the daily amount.

Starting on the 10th I got sick and while I was able to do that workout, I had to take two days off and picked things back up on the 13th, doing two workouts a day on the 14th and 19th to get caught up.


Here’s how the numbers came out:

Metric Value Δ from 2020
Distance 186,000 m (116 mi) ↑ 24,800 (15 mi)
Total Time 14:53:50 ↑ 02:25:47
Average Pace 00:02:21 ↓ 00:00:03
Calories Burned 10,570 ↑ 1,132
Average SPM 24 ↑ 2

Pretty Graph

Closing Thoughts

Much like last year, toward the end of the month, I started feeling better/getting faster and then had some slower days scattered in.

Oddly, the 5-7K days were mentally tougher than the long days. That 25-35 minute range must be too long to be a short workout or too short to be a long workout in my brain.

Last year, I said that having some ranked distance workouts would be good so next year’s goal is to do 400 meters per day to rank the 2K, 6K, and 10K.