Inspired by Des Linden’s #RunDestober, I set out to do a similar challenge on the Concept2 erg. Hence, DecembErg.

I chose 325m each day as the addition amount which happened to come out to 161,200m or just over 100 miles. Given I just started back rowing a couple months ago this seemed doable and also a challenge since after the 15th I’d be doing more than a 5K each day and a 10K for the final day.

My Plan

For the first couple weeks with low meters, I planned on structuring these around my normal workouts which are a combination of rowing, mobility, and strength workouts. For the last half of the month, I planned on doing mobility workouts or stretching as a warmup but not much else.


Here’s how the numbers came out:

Meters 161,200
Total Time 12:25:03
Calories Burned 9,439
Average SPM 22

Pace and Meters

Pace and SPM

Closing Thoughts

Would I do it again? Yes, definitely. It was motivating and also challenging.

I thought the last week would be tough since it started at 8,125m and went up to a bit over a 10K. The first half went better than I expected but with four days left, I was feeling it due to the lack of a day off and the volume. But even in those days I had good and not as good days.

I would mix up the workouts a bit as I just did mostly steady state with no breaks. Putting in 2K, 5K, and 10K ranking workouts would be good too.

I’m looking forward to not rowing for a few days. Oh, and the new year!