All Articles was a fun project that I started back in January 2018 to use a few technologies I had either dabbled in or was interested in using: React, GraphQL, and the Untappd and Yelp APIs.

I’d done a few React projects so a good amount of time to get to an MVP was spent on a GraphQL API that would tie together Yelp’s GraphQL API and Untappd’s REST API. That’s how I learned about schema stitching which was, IIRC, a just-released feature.

I learned quite a bit more as I went down the path of making this usable not just for me but for my fellow beer nerds. API caching and rate limiting, JWT in js as I’d only previously used them in Go, Material Design, publishing an NPM package, and keeping a React and Apollo GraphQL project up to date over what turned out to be a months long trek with fits and starts.

I’ve shared the site repo and the beginning of an Untappd GraphQL package on GitHub and published the latter to NPM. Hopefully these are helpful to others learning these tools.

Published 11 Sep 2018

Chris Scott