I'm Speaking at WordCamp Atlanta!

I'm speaking at WordCamp Atlanta!Since my talk at WordCamp Orlando on “You’re Doing it Wrongwasn’t a total failure was a resounding success, I’m happy to announce that I’ll be giving a similar talk at WordCamp Atlanta. If you saw this talk in Orlando and are going to WordCamp Atlanta, don’t worry. I’ll have new examples, better jokes, and a slightly different format for the slides to make them more useful as a reference.

I’ll cover some common examples seen in plugins, themes, and tutorials that are either the “wrong” way to do it, not the “WordPress way”, or just obsolete due to bug fixes and feature additions in WordPress. I’ll also talk about how WordPress coding, upgrading, and community all combine into doing things the “right” way.  This is targeted toward intermediate to advanced plugin developers, however, beginning developers may be interested as well.

I talked to quite a few Orlando area people at WordCamp Orlando that were interested in WordCamp Atlanta, so if that’s you, check out the post on the Orlando WordPress blog if you want to discuss it or need to find someone to carpool/room with.

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