Orange County Florida Voter Registration Stats

I noticed the Orange County Supervisor of Elections web site posts stats for voter registration numbers broken out by Democrat, Republican and other/no party. I figured I’d chart some of the numbers to see how the registration split among those categories has changed since 2004.

First, some charts:

Orange County, FL Voter Registration Stats

This is the end of October totals (except for this year where it is September) broken down by category. A couple points stand out. First, I wonder what happened in 2007 that the registration numbers went down. I looked at a few other months prior and the decrease looked consistent. Not sure if this is due to population change, record-keeping changes, or what. Second, it looks like there has been a noticeable increase in Democratic voters in 11 months.

Orange County, FL Voter Registration Stats

This one shows the pecent change from the prior year (same data points as above). Again, it looks like Democratic registrations are increasing at more rapid pace over the past eleven months than Republican or Other registrations.

I don’t pretend to be a statistician (I can barely spell it), so I’d be interested to see what others think of these numbers.

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