BlogOrlando Follow Up

BlogOrlando 3 (Social Media Strikes Back) was this past weekend. Well, it really started on Thursday with a think tank meetup which I was happy to be a part of. I got a change to meet Mike at Voce and Jeff from the PlayStation blog who are both guys I’ll likely be working with at my new gig (more on that later). There were some great conversations about social media measurement and David treated us to a demo of Radian6 which is a very nice tool for tracking what’s going on around your brand, product, blog, etc. At the end of the session, Mickey came by for photos:

Me and Mickey

We ended the day at EPCOT and a nice reception for the fireworks. Thanks to Josh and Disney PR for a really nice day and night. It was good to meet many of the session leaders and other. I owe Chris Thilk a huge thanks for exporting my beer from Mexico while I was in Norway.

I had to leave the Friday happy hour early so I could wake up early and run before the big event on Saturday, but from the photos it looks like a good crowd showed up. From the stories it sounds like a few people had too much fun after the happy hour…

Saturday, after Jake‘s excellent opening about his time at LEGO, I manned the Tech Basics track and saw some great sessions from Frank Gruber, Leah Jones, Jason Seifer and others I’m forgetting already and too lazy to look up on the schedule. I got to hang out with and meet some people that I’ve only seen online or hadn’t seen in a while which makes going to a conference like this worth the price of admission (if it had a price).

Erik did a great job with the closing on talking about why we blog as well as highlighting what he’s doing with all these tools that we use to actually do some good with Ushahidi. Even better, he kept it short so we could get to happy hour early 🙂 As Josh pointed out, I was everyone’s new best friend at happy hour since I was giving out the drink tickets. FinnHenry’s was a bit crowded at the start with rowdy Notre Dame fans but we commandeered the outside area and sidewalk (I’m still surprised that OPD didn’t hassle us for drinking out on the sidewalk).

As usual, Josh and the rest of the volunteers helped make this a great event. As Josh noted in his intro though, “it is what you make it”, so the people that came from near and far and gave up a Saturday or more also made it great. This is the third year I’ve been helping out with BlogOrlando and I still think it is getting better every year. BO4 (I Know What You Tweeted Last Summer) will kick even more ass.

3 thoughts on “BlogOrlando Follow Up

  1. Hey there Chris,

    Great meeting you at BlogOrlando as well. And yes, you were definitely my best friend at FinnHenry’s 🙂

    Glad you enjoyed the Radian6 demo. Josh and gang put on a great event. Kudos to them for sure.



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