Reloading OS X and Restoring from a SuperDuper Backup

Last night, I decided to reload OS X on my MacBook. Contrary to most expert opinions, I upgraded to Leopard instead of doing a clean install. Since my performance has seemingly gotten progressively worse over the past six months, I figured a clean install was the way to go. Here’s what I did:

  1. Did a full backup to an external USB drive using SuperDuper.
  2. Did the above again to another drive just in case…
  3. Left the USB drive attached and rebooted my MacBook while holding down the Option key to get the boot menu and chose to boot from the USB drive just to make sure everything was backed up.
  4. Did the above again with the other drive just in case…
  5. Disconnected the USB drive, inserted the Leopard DVD and rebooted while holding down the Option key again and chose to boot from the DVD.
  6. Did the installation and customized the options to remove print drivers and language translations I don’t use.
  7. Created the primary account on the new install the same as my current account.
  8. Ran Software Update and rebooted until all updates were installed.
  9. Enabled the root user.
  10. Logged in as the root user and ran the Migration Utility.
  11. Plugged the USB drive in and chose the option to migrate my data from a mountable volume and chose the USB drive and my user account. Chose the option to overwrite the current account.
  12. Read a few chapters of a book while this copied.
  13. Unmounted the USB drive and rebooted.
  14. Logged in as my normal user account and verified everything still worked. It did.

You could probably skip having to enable the root user by creating a temporary user account during the installation and then telling the Migration Utility to just copy your account over since that wouldn’t require replacing the current account which requires you to be logged in as root.

I’m very impressed with how easy this was and that everything “just works” after the restore. If you’ve done this before and have any feedback, let me know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Reloading OS X and Restoring from a SuperDuper Backup

  1. @Kapil: I haven’t tried it but I would think it would. SuperDuper worked great w/Tiger and I think all the other components (enabling root, Migration Utility) are the same on Tiger.

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