100K Relay Swim World Record This Weekend

This weekend, a group of local swimmers will be attempting to set the world record for a 100K swim relay. Julie and I will be swimming our 2K each sometime between 2AM and 6AM on Saturday the 13th. Since this record doesn’t exist, we’re guaranteed to make it if the relay is completed.

At the same time, Yuko, a competitive marathon swimmer and regular at Lucky’s will be attempting to break the current open water lake swim record of 80.2K. She’s a member of the International Swimming Hall of Fame and holds the record for the fewest days to get into the 100K club at Lucky’s: 10 days.

We are also raising money for the YMCA Aquatic Center Learn to Swim scholarship program. This scholarship program subsidizes pool time for the Orange County Special Olympics Swim Team and the Learn to Swim programs for economically disadvantaged children. If you’d like to donate, please contact me. Any amount is appreciated.


5 thoughts on “100K Relay Swim World Record This Weekend

  1. @Erik If only Guiness was the certifier…it will be certified by The Record Holders Republic. Their latest records were for:
    1) Largest Cartoon
    2) Gambling Machine Dropped from greatest height
    3) Gambling Machine Dropping
    4) Vinyl Record Smashing
    5) Cucumber Snapping

    So you can see it was very hard to get this 🙂

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