BarCamp Orlando 2007 Thoughts

Wow! Seriously, WOW!

Not only was I impressed by the sheer number of people attending but most all of the presentations were both great topics and well-presented. I agree with Alex that a bit less slideshow and more conversational or demo-type talks would have been nice.

Gregg, Larry, and everyone else that organized this did a great job and for an inaugural event–I don’t think you could ask for more (and if you are, you’re just being greedy 😉 ). The schedule was packed and everyone did a good job of keeping their talks to the limit and moving on quickly for the next speaker.

My suggestions for next year that I shared w/the group list:

  • Twitter would have been cool for those of us that only had our cell phones on us or didn’t want to break out the laptop.
  • Other than finding a venue with enough space, also look for a separate bar area. As it was yesterday, there wasn’t much “bar” in BarCamp since we couldn’t hang out there and chat.

Looking forward to the next BarCamp and Alex sharing the latest in cow orking 🙂


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