BlogOrlando 'Blogging Basics' Session Topics

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For the Blogging Basics session at BlogOrlando, here’s the topics I’d like to cover:

  • What makes a blog a blog?
    • Posts/Entries
    • Comments
    • RSS feeds
    • Trackbacks
  • Starting a blog
    • Free hosts
    • Paid hosts
    • WordPress on your current site
  • Do’s and Don’ts
    • Linking
    • Commenting
    • Corporate Blogging Guidelines
    • etc. …

Is there anything missing you’d like to see in this session? I’ve added some links to my ma.gnolia bookmarks and tagged them blogorlando2007 (thanks to Jeremy Harrington for the idea) that we’ll probably cover or that may be interesting for those of you attending this session.

Also, I’d like to have those of you that are already blog-savvy attend this session if possible to help with the discussion. I understand that depending on the schedule there may be a session in another track you want to attend but please keep this one in mind.

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2 thoughts on “BlogOrlando 'Blogging Basics' Session Topics

  1. Chris, I’d like to participate in discussion about corporate blogging guidelines. Falling under the “don’ts” category, primarily, I’d like to know if the IBM Blogging Guidelines have been established as the gold standard for everyone to follow.

  2. @Marijean: Great suggestions–I’ve added Corporate Blogging Guidelines under Do’s and Don’ts. There was some good discussion about this last year so it is definitely important and I’m curious to see what the group’s take on it will be.

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