The Flip Side: Good Customer Service

After reading about Alex’s problems with Spirit Airlines, I figured I’d give the flip side and call out a company that has consistently (and recently) given me great service: AAA. I’ve had their service for about 6 years and have used their towing service twice.

The first time was in January when my radiator crapped out and I was stuck in a McDonald’s parking lot (closest place to coast to). I called and the operator first asked if I was in a safe place and out of traffic. Then, they took my information and gave me an estimate of 60 mins. for a truck to get there. That seemed a bit long, but I figured it would give me time to grab a coffee and water. About five minutes later, they called back and told me it would be 40 minutes until the truck was there.  About five minutes after that, they called to say it would be 20 minutes. At that point, I grabbed my coffee and water to come back and see the truck driver already there looking at how to load my truck up. The driver did his thing an took me and my truck to the shop.

The last time was yesterday. After being out of town for a week, my truck wouldn’t start. I did what I could by checking the fuses, making sure it had gas, and talking to it nicely and sending positive thoughts it’s way, but it wouldn’t catch. I did an internet request this time and about five minutes after I submitted it and received the confirmation email, I got a call to say it would be about 30 minutes until the truck was there. About 15 minutes later, the truck was there and the driver looked at a few things to see if he could get it working w/out having to tow it. Alas, it had to be towed. The driver pushed it out of my carport while I steered into the road so he could get the truck in front of it and he did his thing and confirmed where I wanted it taken and was off.

AAA did a few very easy things that really made dealing with them pleasant. First, when I called they made sure I was safe. Next, they gave me an estimate up front and then called each time that was revised. Finally, when the rubber hit the road so to speak, the drivers were very nice and professional.

Unfortunately, what should be the norm stands out as exceptional by today’s standards.

One thought on “The Flip Side: Good Customer Service

  1. I’ve had great experiences with AAA as well. Solid company, great product.

    Whenever I go on a road trip I always try to pick up their triptix as well. They let you know where the construction is, speed traps, etc.

    Regarding the Spirit Airlines post, what’s even more interesting than my own story, are the comments. There are more than 40+ extremely detailed stories in there far worse than my own experience. Yikes!

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