Help Quoc Van Get on the Ballot

UPDATED 9/13/07: Just got a letter in the mail from Quoc Van to let his petition signers know that he collected over 4,600 signatures and will be on the primary ballot on August 26, 2008. So, now that he’ll be on the ballot show his some love and send some cash his way for the campaign. This also shows that my memory for numbers is off by an order of magnitude.

Original post from 6/11/2007:

If you’re in the 8th Congressional District in FL, consider taking the time to print out and mail the petition at Quoc Van’s web site to get him on the ballot without having to pay $10,000. He needs 45,000 signatures and I met him today when he showed up at my door asking for a signature. He was still upbeat even in the 94 degree heat and wearing long pants and sleeves. Our current congressman is Ric Keller [R]. Note that the numbers above are as I remember them so they could be off…

He’s a Democrat if that matters to you but I figure even if you aren’t a Democrat, helping get someone on the ballot that really wants it is what democracy is all about.

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