HTML Email Suckage

After reading the comments on Zeldman's thoughts on HTML email, I'm so glad I've never used it and still don't. So, for my Internet-enabled years I'm going on eight years of only reading and sending plain text emails. On the odd occasion that someone forces me into viewing an HTML email, I thank my dog that I don't have to look at that crap very often.

If I had a few more beers and some more motivation, I'd relate HTML email senders to the decline of modern civilization. You're smart so feel free to do this on your own 🙂 

Luddites unite! 

2 thoughts on “HTML Email Suckage

  1. I agree100% – HTML senders suck, and annoy me to no end.

    I can kinda see why companies may want to put their logos and branding info in commercial mailing. Of course in the end this only makes them look silly when the mail client mangles their HTML. But individual people have no excuse for sending HTML emails.

  2. Funny you mention that. I got an email for an upgrade to a product I own and they did such a nice job on the text portion of their email, it helped make up my mind to upgrade. I have no idea what the HTML part looked like (or if there even was one) but the point is that I didn’t have to care.

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