Proving the Old Adage That AOL Users Aren't the Brightest Bulb in the Drawer

At work, we offer support chat via AIM. About once a month, we get someone confused that asks us for help with using AIM itself. Here's the latest in which I've elided the screen name of the AOL user and broken it up to read more like the conversation (if you can call it that) went. The extra spaces were in the original so maybe they needed keyboard help also…

9:34:01 AM [AOL USER]:  hello   i   hope you can help  me
9:34:15 AM [me]: Sure thing.

9:34:25 AM [AOL USER]:  i  have   some questions   that   i   don't understand
9:34:48 AM [me]: Is it regarding an existing hosting account?

9:36:30 AM [AOL USER]:  i think   so   something   comes up   telling me   that  i   need   to   sign  out   or   click this   1    or   something   i   think my massage   is    from a msg    but i don't understand      i   want to know if i can   use   aim     or if there   is a problem  
9:36:52 AM [me]: This is support for [my company], not AIM.

9:37:14 AM [AOL USER]:  so   whats that  mean
9:37:34 AM [me]: You are having a problem with AIM, right?

9:38:11 AM [AOL USER]:  it   sounds  like    my massage is saying that   i   can't use   aim   because   i had   aol in the   past      from my massage   it sounds like my   name is in two places
9:38:29 AM [me]: This isn't AOL support.  This is [my company].

9:38:35 AM [AOL USER]:  yes    9:39:18 AM [AOL USER]:  my   aim   will disconnect when   i   get  a   im   from  that   massage

That's when I was forced to block them.


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