Some Major Weather Sites Not Ready for New Time Zone Tomorrow

I was checking to see when sunrise would be tomorrow due to the time change. Of course, common sense says it would be an hour later than it as this morning (give or take a few minutes). So, I clicked on Forecastfox to take me to Accuweather. They said  6:41 AM for today and  6:40 AM tomorrow. Wrong. So, I checked a few other sites. Here's the results:

  • Accuweather:  6:41 AM/ 6:40 AM – Wrong
  • 6:41 AM/7:41 AM – Correct
  • Weather Underground: 11:40 AM UTC/11:39 AM UTC – Correct (due to being on EDT tomorrow)
  • US Naval Observatory:  6:41 AM/7:41 AM – Correct (not that many people likely get their forecast here but just for kicks)
  • Intellicast: 6:41 AM/ 6:40 AM – Wrong

Many other weather sites use for their results so I'm glad they got it right. I don't know why I use Accuweather anyway since it is rarely ever accurate. 

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