Halloween Ad/Headline Puns

As soon as the big hand and the little hand met for the first time in October, an ad was placed or news headline run that had a Halloween pun in it. Already, on the second day of October I'm over the puns. Today's turd was "Prices so Low It's Scary!!". I guess they should get points for the proper use of the apostrophe, but those would be negated by the double exclamation point.

If you are going the Halloween pun route, why not try to be a bit more creative like "Prices so Low They'll Scare the Boo Out of You!!" (use another exclamation point for super-ultra emphasis)?


One thought on “Halloween Ad/Headline Puns

  1. I LOVE your headline! I’m a graphic designer for a classified ads paper, and just so happens that I’ve been looking for a new October headline for a payday loan company.

    Yea, we’ve burned through “prices are falling,” and “score big with ____”. Ugh.

    It would be the holy grail to find a website or book of headlines. Words give me a headache. That’s why I paint pretty pictures on my computer…

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