Final Thoughts on BlogOrlando

See this post for an intro and related links.

Hopefully, you've either read the last three posts in this series and are still with me or just ADD'd your way to the last link. Either way, here's my final thoughts on BlogOrlando.

BlogOrlando Mascot?

I may be a bit biased since I helped Josh and Jeremy out with this, but I think BlogOrlando was very successful. I wasn't sure what to expect since the blogging/tech/do anything contingent in Orlando is typically lacking. I was happily surprised to see that a good number of locals showed up but also that people cared enough to travel to attend the conference–and have a bit of fun at Disney too.

The networking outside of the normal sessions was a great way to meet new people or put faces with blogs. It was nice to get to know some locals who are also passionate about tech, blogging and social media and hopefully I'll be able to keep in touch and stay involved. 

I've been blogging for about three years now and I do everything I can to stay on top of blogging and social media. I'm so immersed that sometimes I wonder if I live in the so-called "echo chamber" and if any of this actually matters to your average Jane and Joe. I think we had a good number of non-tech folks that were excited about blogging and really wanted to learn how to use it for themselves and/or their business.

Josh asked what people would like to see next year and I think we need to do a better job of bringing the non-geeks into the fold. In almost every session there was a reference to something in the tech/blogging/social media world that only us geeks understood. We need to keep in mind that not everyone checks their RSS reader before their email or even knows what one is. By helping them understand the world we live in, we should get more participation and learn something from them too.

Finally, thanks to Josh at Hyku for organizing this and putting out the cash needed to get things done (and to buy drinks at happy hour on Friday!). I'm looking forward to 2007.


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