Squirrel Jerky

A couple weeks ago, I was watching the Fox NFL pregame show. During Frank Caliendo's segment, he brought out a box of food (to feed Terry Bradshaw) which said Squirrel Jerky. There was a faint "www." and ".com" on either side of it so I figured Fox had some cool site they put up there. They didn't. The domain wasn't even registered.

So, I registered it to see if it was getting any type-in traffic. For the first few days, I redirected it to hailtheale.com since I was getting ready to run to watch a game and didn't want to spend the five minutes it would take to set up hosting and a home page. I didn't really see any more visitors than normal on that Sunday or the next few days in my stats. Maybe those less fortunate souls that don't have HD couldn't read that there was a domain name there? Maybe I'm just a geek? Either way, I decided to put up something there so now you have a really stupid page at squirreljerky.com

Over the next few weeks when I get some free time (ha!), I'll research the feasibility of making this an actual resource for squirrel jerky and related products. I do silly things like this as a test of what works regarding SEO, making money from sites, and just for fun. Yes, I'm a dork.

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