The BlogOrlando Sessions

See this post for an intro and related links.

I attended all the main sessions and the Track 1 sessions. Here's some thoughts on the sessions from my fading memory.

Corporate Blogging

Dave Coustan from Earthlink led this session. At first, he was giving more of a presentation until Josh gave him a nudge and had him get to the meat of the session and spark the conversations around corporate blogging. There was a good amount of interest on this topic from the PR and ad agency participants. Dave shared his experiences on how to get an organization to buy in to and continue to support corporate blogging. He also helped us learn from his experiences by letting us know what worked as well as what failed and where he sees corporate blogging going in the future.


Corporate Blogging Session

PR and Blogs

David Parmet led this session. This was another favorite for the PR and agency participants. Discussion was mostly centered around what the role of a blogger vs. a journalist is and should they be treated differently when working PR for a client. This was a hard point to try to both resolve and to tear apart from the rest of the conversations around how PR people can, should, or should not use bloggers to help their clients.



Legal Issues

This session was led by Andrea Weckerle. Copyright/trademark issues as well as online privacy (and the lack of it) were some of the more heated topics. Since these issues are complex enough for legal professionals, I think most participants were probably left feeling more informed about potential risks but still lacking any answers.


Legal Issues Session

Off the Record

What session? I didn't see/hear/say anything…



This session was jointly led by Andrew Odom & Mark Jaquith. This was defintely one of the more unconference-like sessions–and I say that as a good thing. There was some good discussion and I think a few Typepad -> WordPress converts will result. I know that Drew said they didn't get to cover a lot of the tools they wanted to but the discussion kept moving and most people were interested in what was being discussed which was mainly WordPress and the use of plugins.

After the session, I had a chance to ask Mark, who is a WordPress developer, a geeky question that would have only interested me and maybe one other person in the room.


Tools Session

Video Blogging

This session was led by Vlad Mazek and he was definitely one of the more humorous people to be up front. With quotes like "Who is the most famous vlogger?: Osama Bin Laden" as well as some subtle jokes that really made you pay attention, this was one of the more interesting sessions for me. I didn't really have any interest in vlogging until this session and talking with John Rife later that night but now I'm going to dig a bit deeper.


Where is This All Going?

Chris Huer did a great job of giving us some thoughts and sparking conversation related to his post at Social Media Club. This is a must-read post for anyone interested in social media. Josh then wrapped everything up, took a bow, kissed some babies, and told us all to get the hell out (I'm going from memory and taking a bit of literary license here).

Closing Time


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