Getting Ready for BlogOrlando

See this post for an intro and related links. 


Josh IMed me one day and asked if we were using the domain we had registered a while back. I told him we were for our blog hosting service, Blogzerk, but that we didn't have a site at the domain or the www hostname. He asked if we would mind letting him use it for BlogOrlando. How could I refuse?

I told him if he needed any help, I and the rest of the team at Red Rocket/Blogzerk would be happy to help. Not only is Josh good at organizing but he's smart enough to delegate. Jeremy did the logo and the registration badges and we did the t-shirts and tallied up the registration counts for the various events. The day before the conference, the three of us met to touch base (and for Jeremy and I to meet each other in person) and make sure all the bases were covered.



The previous day, the Red Rocket team folded up the t-shirts and sorted them by size so that we could easily gather them up the next morning and put them and the rest of the schwag in a pretty "Blogzerk green" bag. Since we aren't professional conference registration people, there was a bit of confusion, some mislabeling, and other minor snags but we it all sorted out quickly and got everyone registered and appropriately schwagged.

BlogOrlando Final T-shirt Front



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