BlogOrlando Geek Dinner/Happy Hour

See this post for an intro and related links.

Like any other conference, getting a chance to talk with other attendees in a social setting was good. I wish I would have taken more pictures at Dexter's on Friday but I guess I got carried away talking tech, UCF football, and triathlons that I only got this one:

Plate Meat

I got there a bit early and had a chance to talk with Jim Hathaway (sorry, no link), David Parmet, Mark Jaquith and Jeremy Harrington for a bit before it got busy. It was good to meed David since I have been reading his blog for a while now. I met Jeremy for the first time on Thursday and we chatted about WordPress, designing for blogs, and the need for web designers to understand the system their design will be used in and for tech geeks to help the designers understand the limitations of the system.

A bit later, Gavin Hall and Alex Rudloff from emurse/Blogsmith/Weblogs Inc/AOL/whoknowswhatelse showed up and joined us around the plate of meat pictured above. These guys were in front of me during the sessions and were multitasking between the sessions and updating Engadget HD during the launch. I found out they are both fellow UCF alums (although they graduated about a half decade after I did…) so we talked about the new football stadium and other exciting UCF stuff.

Julie joined me for the dinner portion. We sat with John Rife, Jeremy, and Vlad Mazek and his wife. I had read Vlad's blog a few months ago and saw he was local so it was nice to see him in person (sine he's a vlogger, I had already seen him). Vlad and I lamented about the lack of good ASP.NET programmers in Orlando. I pestered John for details about the sweet HD video camera he had and Julie and I found out he was a fellow triathlete.

Since this is the city of Disney, there was a small world moment: Julie and Jeremy were talking and it turns out they were both in Kirksville at the same time and he actually recognized her. Very small world indeed.


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