Ross posted about BubbleShare yesterday so I figured I’d give it a looksie. It will be interesting to see where this goes when it is done, but for now it has too many problems to start using. I know the BubbleShare guys wanted to make it simple, however it lacks a few things—even for a beta.

The first problem I ran into was that when I uploaded a couple GIF screenshots I had handy, it resized the images to be bigger than the source image. So, when viewed in the album they looked blurry.

The second problem was that after uploading a file to an album, if I’m on the web site and try uploading another file, there isn’t a way to tell it to use the existing album. It actually lets you create an album w/the same details as another but keeps them as separate albums. The way you are supposed to do it is check your email and use the album admin link to add to an existing album. This is a nice feature but shouldn’t be the primary method of figuring out how to update an existing album. You should be able to do it all from the site.

However, the interface is nice and has some good AJAX-y goodness to it. I’ll definitely keep an eye on this.

One thought on “BubbleShare

  1. Thank you for the feedback and comments.
    Your GIF resized issues have been noted, frankly, we've only been really focused on JPEGs — and there's a number of items we're looking at doing to improve the user experience on this specific issue. But thank you for pointing it out for us, and we're certainly going to be working towards fixing this problem.
    Your second point is VERY well taken, as I type this we're working towards fixing the issue of not being able to add new pictures to an existing album.
    Also, you you've mention, we will be building in something that will allow you to access your albums in alternate ways in the future. Glad you mentioned that one as well. We're eager to improve on this point as well.
    Good to hear that you're enjoying the AJAXy goodness. I hope you'll come by and give us a second try in the future and as you say, keep an eye on us, as we improve on our service based our feedback from our users like you.
    — Albert, CEO, BubbleShare

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