google's next service should be…

…a photo printing service w/API support. I want to be able to easily allow someone to print a digital photo I’ve posted to my blog (or any publicly accessible URL for that matter). I looked at all the photo printing services and the only one that came close was Shutterfly. They used to have an HTTP POST method (C4P) to do this but they aren’t supporting it anymore due to the launch of their Pro Galleries.

Two things that would be cool. The first isn’t really API-related but I want to be able to email someone a link like and will grab the photo, display a thumbnail, and then give the user the tools to enhance, crop, resize, etc. the photo and choose to get prints. I also want to be able to modify my blog’s template to provide that link on each photo’s page for easy ordering.

Then, also give me a nice API I can use to do this for more advanced applications and even integrate it into them.

Google already offers printing to multiple providers with Picassa. They already know how to do APIs. So, Google, whaddya think? Also, if anyone knows of a service that does this, please comment.

2 thoughts on “google's next service should be…

  1. Digibug just came out with an API for selling prints on a photo gallery. We have built a contribution to Gallery for printing (and one for Coppermine too). It would allow DALbum users to set their own prices and control their profits. You can learn about it at It's similar to Shutterfly C4P (API-wise), but you control branding, pricing, products, etc. Much more powerful and flexible.
    I like your idea of a service that would enable photo editing too… maybe we'll do that…
    John (Digibug CEO)

  2. Chris –
    Very cool. Don't forget to brand the pages – upload your own header and footer in the Preferences area of your admin page.
    Let me know if you want one of our developers to work with you on the “whole album” printing option.
    John (jtreadway *at* digibug)

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