canceled Lingo

Did the VoIP thing on our home phone for a while. I tried every configuration I could and my Lingo ATA kept dropping the connection and never reconnecting until a “reboot”—which was a pain in the ass due to where it was.

So, I canceled the service today. While on the phone, they offered me a month free to keep it so I could find that it was cheaper than cell phone.  This was after I told the CSR that we just didn’t use the home phone at all—not that the cell was cheaper. Got a survey request from them (the first since I’ve had the service):

We’resorry that you recently cancelled your Lingo service. It is our goal toconstantly improve our products and services to better serve our customers.Please help us by taking a moment to fill out a short survey about yourexperience with Lingo.

To complete the survey, click the following link or copy and paste it intoyour browser's address bar:  Lingo Survey

Thank you for your time.

Yes, the formatting problem was in the original, text part of the email. Why bother when they can’t even get a simple email right?

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