blog spam network

As part of my sooper-sekret business intelligence analysis, I have a Technorati search feed for “blogware”. This is a nice way to see what people are saying about Blogware. Of course, there are some results that use blogware as a generic term for blog software so I get some chaff in the wheat. Today, I saw about 30 posts that were exactly the same, titled “Tags & Folksonomy: Latest Internet Trend”. Most all of these were on Blogspot blogs that look like they are basically just for spam. The subject of the blog has little or nothing to do with the contents.

All the blogs have the same articles posted to them and link back to the same site, I’ve seen these same types of blogs in my search feeds for “beer” (for Hail the Ale!) and they all seem to be Blogspot blogs designed to get you there from search results and then direct you to a main site.

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