ipod shuffle linux update

UPDATE – 01/31/05:

Adrian (gnupod) sent me some test files
over the weekend that worked for me. He is going to be releasing these
in gnupod 0.98. You can subscribe to be notified when it is out at http://freshmeat.net/projects/gnupod/

A big thanks to Jeff for working out the
file format of the new files and to Adrian for working out the new
iTunesDB flags needed to make this work and for updating the gnupod
scripts to work with the shuffle.

After my initial post,
I’ve been working with the gnupod and foo_pod authors to get them
samples of different iTunesSD and other files to get the formats worked
out. Jeff (foo_pod) has been updating the iTunesDB wiki page
with the file format info for iTunesSD and iTunesStats files that the
shuffle uses. If this kind of thing gets you moist with anticipation,
be sure to check it regularly.

I’m not sure where all this will lead yet but it looks like it will
help Windows and Linux users to be able to use their shuffle with
software other than iTunes. That is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “ipod shuffle linux update

  1. Please let me know (me@prestoncrawford.com) if you'd like help with this. I just got my ipod shuffle and discovered to my dismay this problem. This “enhancement”. Anyway, I don't have Windows, so I can't provide working files, but I can help test.

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