ipod shuffle and linux don't mix

UPDATE: I’ve been emailing the author of gnupod about getting a script together to create the iTunesSD file. The file format looks pretty simple and I’m going to be getting him some samples soon to see if we can get it figured out.

OK, I'm pissed. Pissed at Apple and pissed at myself. I'm pissed at Apple because the iPod Shuffle doesn't work without using iTunes on a Mac or PC running Windows. Regular iPods work with Linux using gtkpod or gnupod. These aren't supported/provided by Apple but they work.

Those programs work with my Shuffle but the Shuffle doesn't recognize the songs loaded on it. It looks like Apple added a new file to the iTunes directory structure on the iPod Shuffle that lets the Shuffle work. The file is itunessd. It looks like the pod_foo folks are close to getting it figured out so I'm hopeful that it will soon be possible to patch gtkpod or gnupod to write the itunessd file to the Shuffle.

I'm pissed at myself for falling for the Apple hype. I know the Shuffle isn't the best mp3 player for the money, but I was already waiting in line with Dan on Saturday for the Apple store to open so he could get his new mac mini so I figured I'd get a shuffle for my wife.

I'm also pissed at myself for not reviewing the specs carefully to note that it required Mac or Windows. However, even if I had I may have overlooked it since just about every other mp3 player out there requires Windows but that is only for using the bundled music management software that comes with it. For every other player, that is optional–you can just load your files to it and it just works. This is what I thought Apple's specialty was but it turns out in this case it isn't.

I'm the pissed off owner of a shiny new 1GB Shuffle that I can't use at home.

One thought on “ipod shuffle and linux don't mix

  1. I don't get why you're pissed at Apple. They produced a product with specific requirements spelled out on the product page. If you or someone else finds a way to hack it, great. Until then, the only thing to be pissed-off at would be yourself for not recognizing the product's limitations.

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