hello Ubuntu, goodbye XP

I like Ubuntu. I really like Ubuntu. I don't use any application on my laptop that requires Windows except for Visual Studio which I don't use that often. So, after using Ubuntu in a VMWare virtual machine for a couple months, I decided to take the plunge and make it the only OS on my laptop–dual-booting is for sissies!
After a couple days I have everything I need to work at home and to match my old XP setup as closely as possible. For me, this wasn't too bad since I was already using Firefox, Thunderbird, and OpenOffice so the transition was easy. Barring a short “oh shit” moment when I remembered I forgot to make the backup of my data files to DVD like I had planned, the move was painless (thank you Ghost and Ghost Walker for saving me once again!). Most of the time I've spent has been adding in all my Firefox and Thunderbird plugins and configuring them they way I like them.
The only issue I've run into so far that I can't fix is that my wireless card will only work without WEP. This isn't a problem since I'm the only one using it at my house so I can lock it down to my MAC address for my card. But, it is still a hassle and one that I couldn't find mentioned anywhere which reminds me I need to add that to the Ubuntu wiki.
The last app I hadn't found a replacement for was BlogJet which I used to post to my blog. I'm typing this on BloGTK and the only problem I have is that I can't edit an existing post. It sees them fine and even lets me delete them but I can't edit them. I may not be using the latest version since I installed it with Synaptic which is the best package manager I've used in any Linux distro.
I've tried most all the popular Linux distros and Ubuntu is the first one I've liked. Heck, it even made me like Gnome again. It supports my Synaptics touchpad right out of the box (ISO?) and once I tweaked the settings in my XFree86 config, it behaves just like it used to in Windows. This is one Linux that is definitely ready for prime time and should make anyone looking to get away from Windows happy.

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