f the FCC

Thanks to a Boing Boing post regarding pointless complaining to the FCC for indecency on TV through the Parents Televison Council site, I made my own submission:

average. Very average. Therefore, I know indecency. I find the Verizon
commercials asking me to “Just Join In” very indecent. I, and every
average person I know, knows that this is just a euphemism for trying
to get me to join an orgy. I don't see any literary, artistic,
political, or scientific value.

By the way, I am writing this
from the Parents Television Council's web site. They make it so easy
for people like me to send an email complaining to the FCC about
anything we want.

According to Mediaweek, 99.8 percent of the
complaints going to the FCC about indecency are coming from this very
web site. Only who knows how many of them are legitimate and
representative of the will of the great American public?

think I covered the three-pronged (how indecent!) test the FCC uses for
indecency as noted on the submission page. Feel free to submit your own
take on indecency. Let’s see if we can get the 2004 compliant numbers
even higher!

Thanks to Kevin Kelleher
for the original and I hope he doesn’t mind me using his last two
paragraphs. I hope anyone else posting through that site will do the

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