orlando beer festival

The beer was good. The rain kinda sucked. Some highlights:

The Mullet Marathoners:

Each year it seems more people are getting together group outfits. The Mullet Marathoners were damn funny.

The Pancho People:

It rained most of the afternoon and night. For $6 or so, you could buy
a cheap plastic pancho. Different stores sold different color panchos.
Within hours, there were the yellows, the blues, the clears, the others, and the have-nots. 
The yellows and blues were the most common and when they would see
their own kind, they would scream and toast their 2 oz. beer as if part of the same tribe.

My favorite beers were the Real Rock Premium Jamaican Lager and the
Lion Hear Stout from Big City Brewing Company out of Jamaica. Not only
were they damn tasty but when it started raining, we were camped out
next to them so it was a quick run in the rain to get more beer.

See all the photos

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