stupid election crap

I'll update this as I find this crap.

Baby Violates Dress Code At Polling Place – The gist is that a woman with a baby that had a Kerry shirt on was told she had to leave a polling place in Atlanta. It seems they have rules that “clothing or pins for particular candidates are not supposed to be allowed since no partisan campaigning is permitted within 150 feet of a polling place.”

This is stupid on at least two levels. First, who the hell takes voting advice from a *baby*? Second, I'm fairly sure that there would be nothing preventing me from saying out loud what my clothing or pin would say. What's the difference? Are people so sensitive that they consider the candidate their fellow citizens support to be campaigning? Give me a break.

Maybe the baaybaay ate your vote…


Vote Save Error #9

Hopefully the backup procedure there isn't like someone encountered in Santa Clara which probably ensured their vote wouldn't be counted.


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