debating technology

I'm watching the vice presidential debate via streaming from (since my TV is occupied at the moment). Here's the high bandwidth Windows media link. According to posts on the Kerry-Edwards blog, CSPAN2 is doing split-screen and you can get that stream also. My media player is flaky so I don't want to jinx it since I have a good stream from CSPAN.

While I was on the blog, I was amazed at how many posts there were. I wanted to see if there was something similar going on at the Bush-Cheney blog. I'm assuming there would be if they actually allowed comments! I guess I shouldn't be surprised since the Bush administration is notorious for wanting to control the message.

Interesting to note the differences between the two campaign's use of technology.

UPDATE: Since the start of the debate, the Kerry-Edwards blog has added four posts, not including the open debate thread post. Also, I'll get a capture of the replies to the open thread and update this post with the total number of posts and the total number of unique posters.

UPDATE: If I did my greps and sorts, and uniqs right there were 264 posts at the end of the debate from 89 unique posters.

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