a wiki for orlando

If you are in the Orlando area and would like to contribute to a cool new project, see the Orlando Wiki. I say it is cool since I started it . The idea is to have a wiki dedicated to Orlando that is edited by it's residents. Think of it as wikipedia meets digitalcity. Who better in a city to tell others about it than it's own residents?

The content is very sparse as I've just begun to lay out some categories and post some wiki pages. I realize I need a well-defined plan for what type of content should be posted. My initial thoughts are that this is an online directory, but not YAOD (yet another online directory). Since anyone can create and edit the content, it should stay fresh and be relevant. Also, it should lend itself to niche categories that may not be covered by other online directories or where the information is scattered among different sources.

I'll post more to this later, just wanted to get the link out and get some feedback.

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