hurricane drinking game

After having the good fortune to have two hurricanes come through our area, we came up with a hurricane drinking game. You can play this while listening to the news on the TV or radio.

Rules of Play

When a reporter does one of the following, take the prescribed number of drinks:

  • Says “hunker down” – 1
  • Says “hunker food” – 2
  • Says “feeder band – 1
  • Says “Super Doppler 9000 Radar” or whatever their brand name is instead of just “Doppler radar” – 1
  • Says “transponder” instead of “transformer” when referring to a power transformer – 3
  • Asks Joe Sixpack or Jill Winecooler their opinion on something storm related as if they are experts in the field – 1
    (an example of this was during Frances, the beach erosion had uncovered sea turtle eggs and the reporter asked the dumbasses that were still on the beach with their camcorder what to do in a situation like this to help the sea turtles)
  • Interviews someone who decided to “ride it out” in their mobile home after the mandatory evacuation was issued – 1


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