cool music sites

Om Malik mentions a couple
sites that allow you to figure out what music to buy/download. Don't worry, I'm
not suggesting that if you download it you aren't buying it. To me, buying is purchasing the CD old-skool style, yo.

is very cool. Think of it as a relational map of artists and a visual
representation of their popularity–because it is. I love being able to
find out what artists are similar to one I like, seeing their
popularity, and being able to view their discography in one very cool,
easy to use Flash interface.

is a P2P network for sharing listening habits. It is a nice way to see
what is popular and what artists have related styles. If you use
iTunes, it supports it well from what they say. Since I'm boycotting
any DRM devices and formats, as well as anything with a product name
that begins with a lower case “i” and then capitalizes the next letter
(iTunes, iMovie, iLife, iFuck) I have no idea if it does.


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