ten reasons mozilla firefox is better than internet explorer

  1. It doesn't run browser helper objects (BHOs) which can be used to install malware.
  2. It doesn't run ActiveX controls which can be malware.
  3. It has tabbed browsing. Install the Tabbrowser Extensions for complete control.
  4. It has nearly 200 extensions which can enhance or optimize your browsing experience.
  5. JavaScript and Java can be easily disabled. Advanced JavaScript options allow you to have it enabled but you control what it can do.
  6. It blocks pop-ups. Install the Adblock extension to also block banner ads.
  7. It has nearly 100 themes so you can skin your browser's look.
  8. It is actively developed.
  9. It is open source.
  10. It runs on most any operating system.
  11. BONUS REASON: It doesn't have the nickname “Internet Exploder”

The first two alone are reason enough to switch.

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