dan farber's interview w/vint cerf

Dan Farber interviewed Vint Cerf on CNet. Take a look and listen.

Here are some notes on the points I found interesting (probably because I agree w/them):

  • The solution to spam isn't technical. It may help, but won't solve the problem. You need to follow the money and punish the offender.
  • The Internet doesn't create problems, it is just a mirror of society. [I'd argue that if this is so, the mirror is concave and magnifies things. Idiots in the physical world become bigger idiots on the Internet. Assholes become bigger assholes. Thieves become bigger thieves.]
  • We need to teach people, especially our children, critical thinking instead of filtering content on the Internet. The Internet is just one more source of information to process and we need to teach the skills to be able to process this information and make sense of it.

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