why you should dump internet explorer

An article on Lockernome notes some good reasons why you should dump Internet Explorer. Daniel makes some good points, but just touches on one important one: features. Firefox (and the other Mozilla
browsers) give you a very nice set of features right out of the box. In
addition to these, there are many extensions you can add to your
browser to make it do what you want it to do. What a novel idea!

For Firefox 0.8 (see note below about 0.9), here's some must-install extensions:

      what about the latest 0.9 release? Based on my experience on my home
      laptop, I wouldn't install it yet. A few people have complained about
      the default theme, but I could care less. The main reason is that many
      of the extensions I use (most not listed above) either aren't ready for
      0.9 or at least aren't listed on the new extension site so I can't tell
      if they will work or not without installing them.

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