virginia's for lovers. oh, and pedophiles

Down here in Florida, the Virginia tourism board places TV ads with
the tagline: “Virginia's for Lovers”. I guess they couldn't come up w/a
better slogan? Am I the only one that doesn't think of
Virginia when I think of love? I will admit that I often mistake
Virginia and vagina, however, vagina is a little to sterile to make the
love connection.

In Virginia, there is now a billboard campaign to prevent adult men from getting minor girls pregnant. With links/sections with titles like “YOUR BUDDY IS INVOLVED WITH A GIRL AND YOU KNOW IT'S NOT RIGHT” I have to give them credit for trying to reach their target audience. According to AdRants, they are also pushing this campaign to print ads in bars.

Oh, and the icon they use for navigating to the laws definitely looks like an adult and a minor burping the worm in a mole hole:

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