dogfish head

I was at my favorite watering hole, Jax, tonight. As luck would have it, the brewer of Dogfish Head beers, Sam, wandered in. The Orlando distributor of Dogfish Head was taking him to the top retail location (Big C Liqours) and the top bar location (Jax) for Dogfish Head sales on what could only be described as a Dogfish whirlwind tour. OK, maybe it was more like a visit, but I was happy to meet the brewer of some of the finest beers going.

I was even more pleased when Sam offered to buy Julie and I a couple brand spanking new Midas Touch Magic Elixir's. I told him I couldn't pass up a free beer, especially one of his fine brews (jesus, I hope I didn't sound like a suck ass). The Midas Touch is a very smooth beer for a 9% beer. It was sweet enough to cut the heavy alcohol taste normally associated with high percentage beers, but wasn't too sweet.

So far, I've had all the Dogfish Head's with the exception of the seasonals and those you hard to get offerings. I have yet to be dissapointed.  Sam, keep up the good work!

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