email defense–you need it

The last few weeks have seen anywhere from a slight to a dramatic upturn in spam depending on where you sit. Thanks to Tucows, my company (Adaptive Hosting Solutions) was able to launch our Email Defense service this week. Basically, it is a branded version of the MXLogic product.

I love it so far. It gives domain admins control over the filtering and quarantining settings and also lets end users easily view their quarantine and manage their accept/deny lists from the daily quarantine report.

The geek part of me hates charging for this, but the businessman part of me understands the costs involved in the technology. I guess I feel better that this is still cheaper and easier than using a desktop antivirus/antispam solution.

One thought on “email defense–you need it

  1. I hope you post on the uptake. we are definitely seeing folks having no trouble selling it. at ISPCon it was clear to me that the “we have to give it away to stay competitive” was classic service provider fear.

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