electronic voting practical jokes

Avi Ruben has an excellent article detailing his experience as an election judge for a precinct using the same Diebold voting machines his group analyzed for security.

One of the voters joked, “What do I do if it says it is rebooting?”. So, what other deadpan one-liners would make election judges cringe? Here's my list given that the OS is Windows:

  • What does STOP 0x00000001 mean? Or, for the geeks: What does STOP 0xDEADBEEF mean? (be sure to spell it out).
  • Oh, so *that's* what a Blue Screen of Death looks like.
  • Where can I get some more virtual memory it says it's running low on?
  • PC LOAD LETTER, WTF does that mean? (said in your best Michael Bolton voice)
  • Where's the Any Key?

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