getting your resume read

Joel has an excellent article on what not to do as well as what to do to get someone to read your resume.

I'd add a couple:

First, don't call and ask where you can email your resume. This assumes I want your resume emailed. Maybe I do, maybe I don't. Either way, wouldn't it be nice of you (and maybe even make you stand out!) if you asked? Maybe you should even start out by asking if we're hiring. My friends run a creative firm. They don't want your resume, they want your portfolio. You wouldn't believe the amount of calls they gets asking where resumes can be emailed. This shows you don't have any idea what you are doing and are probably calling every company in the phone book and asking the same question. And, using the same resume and cover letter for every company in the industry, no matter how different they are.

Second, if you are going to call to ask where you can send a resume and what format it should be in, feel free to strike up a conversation. If you know the company you are applying at is small, there is a good chance you may be talking to the person who will interview you. Even if it is large company, it never hurts to be nice–you never know when you may see this person again. I get these calls all the time and it doesn't give me a warm fuzzy when they go like this:

  • Them: “Are you hiring?”
  • Me: “No, but you can send a resume and we'll keep in on file for the next time we are.”
  • Them [typical response]: “What's your email address?”
  • Me: “You can postal mail an old school printed resume and cover letter to [address details].”
  • Them [one of two responses]: CLICK -or- “OK.”

Rarely does anyone even say thanks or make an attempt at finding out any information about my company.  

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