eSellerate doesn't live up to it's name

I love FeedDemon. FeedDemon is an RSS aggregator that is very easy to use and also very powerful. I've used the beta for a while and decided to buy it now that it is in release. At $29.95 it is a bargain. After going through the purchase process which is provided by eSellerate, I'd like to get half of that back for the time I've wasted.

The order process was smooth, but it fell apart after that. Got an email with the serial number. I figured I'd enter this and be on my way. WRONG. After that, it attempts to connect to eSellerate but it warned that since I was running a personal firewall, it may not work. Of course it didn't, but it gave me an option to go to their web site to complete the registration. Cool. I clicked the link and it took me to a prefilled form that I submitted. There I received an error that my order wasn't found and it may take fifteen minutes to update their system. I try back later and it works so I go back to entering my serial number. Same problem but at least this time it gave my my registration codes and I was able to register the software. The only good thing here is that it is smart enough to let you copy and paste the two line, 61 character code instead of having to type it Microsoft style into the little boxes.

Maybe they should call it deSellerate.

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