aerosmith "nasa tribute" on superbowl pregame show an embarrassment

Aerosmith performed the closing of the CBS pregame show. Before they performed, a video montage of Aerosmith suting up and piloting the shuttle was shown with classic Aerosmith tunes in the background.

This wasn't a tribute. It was embarrasing. At one point, Steven Tyler the lead singer is in a flight suit sitting in the shuttle and you hear him say “Can you hear me now? Good.” This portion ended w/the Aeronauts in space doing the goofy moves we see from real astronauts and then showed the descent of the shuttle from space to what was supposed to be Houston. This lead into a live Aerosmith performance. This would have been nice if it wasn't the anniversary of the shuttle breaking up on descent and portions of it landing less than 150 miles from Houston.

Maybe I'm just overly sensitive since I grew up during the shuttle program about 25 miles from Cape Canaveral.

Oh, and Aerosmith sounded like crap live–again.

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