must have software for migrating from windows to mac os x

UPDATED 1/10/2004 to replace Camino with Mozilla (so I can use the rich text editor in Blogware) and replace TelnetLauncher with iTerm

My Dell Inspiron is having fan issues so I'm getting my iMac ready for
prime time since I have to return the laptop to Dell for service (yes,
I was too cheap to buy the good warranty). I've been using the iMac at
home as a backup computer and to get more familiar with it.
Here's a list of software I've found helpful. Since I'm used to Windows
(yuck), I've also listed the Windows software it replaces for me.


Mozilla for OS X. It is also what I'm using to post this.
Replaces: Mozilla/Firebird for Windows

Mozilla Thunderbird

The best email client out there.
Replaces: Thunderbird for Windows
This is an excellent multi-protocol instant messaging client. Lets you do MSN, AIM, YIM, Jabber, ICQ, etc.

Replaces: Trillian for Windows

xterm compatible terminal for OS X. Allows you to create bookmarks–handy for ssh logins.
Replaces: Putty for Windows

MPlayer OS X 2
multipurpose audio/video player. Plays WAV, MP3, MPEG, AVI, RM, and
just about anything else you could want. Includes a nice GUI to drag
and drop your files to the playlist. Strangely, it seems much faster
and much more stable than I am used to seeing from MPlayer on Linux.
Replaces: Windows Media Player and RealPlayer for Windows

Remote Desktop Connection Client for OS X

Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection client for OS X to allow you to connect to your MS Terminal Servers
Replaces: Remote Desktop Connection client for Windows

That's it for now. If you have any suggestions, please post a comment.

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