dell's voyce rekugnishun dusnt wurk well

I called Dell to check the status of an order. They have a new voice recognition system which you can tell your order number. It worked great up to this point. It got my order number right the first time and repeated it back to me. Then, it asked me if that was correct. I said “yes”. It told me it couldn't understand my response. So, it repeated the order number and asked if that was correct. “Yes”, I said. Still no dice. After doing this process again, it told me it was forwarding me to the old-school touchtone system. Oh well…
I'm sure someone is reading this (I hope..) thinking I should just log in to my account on their web site. Well, I've done that and although my order shows up in my order history, it doesn't show up in order status. When I give it my customer number and zip to add orders not shown to the status list, it tells me that customer number is assigned to someone else. Funny since I just used it to update the order history list. Oh well…

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