sco ceo daryl mcbride must be smoking crack

In an article regarding the SCO/IBM/Novell/etc. lawsuits over Unix and the GPL:

“McBride likened the notion of free software to a variety of movements
including file sharing, the dot-com bubble, and even free love. He
predicted that the proprietary and open-source worlds were on a
“collision course,” that would ultimately result in the end of the GPL

What a moron. The whole idea of free software is that it is FREE
and can be FREELY distributed. This is nothing like file sharing of
copyrighted works who's owners don't want them freely distributed. Free
software is the opposite of the dot-com bubble–it isn't about greed
and money. The only way I can think to relate it to free love is that
both could carry the risk of viruses if standard protections aren't

Then we have this tidbit:

“He said prior to SCO's $3 billion lawsuit with IBM, he had been
warned that “if we started talking about IP infringements inside of
Linux, the company would be crucified by the Linux community.”

“I went back to my CEO 101 book,” he said. “I didn't see in there that the Linux community was one of my constituents.”

Businesses have stakeholders (including shareholders). Politicians
have constituents. Freudian slip for a wannabe politico? I guess the
Linux community wouldn't be a constituent because it isn't lining SCO's
pockets with $$$. Does anyone remember how much work SCO put into Unix?
Oh, yeah they bought it.

Daryl, put down the pipe.

One thought on “sco ceo daryl mcbride must be smoking crack

  1. SCO CEO McBride was CEO of Pointserve for a while where he threw out a good business model, paid big $$$$$ to an outside consulting firm to come up with a phony business plan based upon internet advertizing, popups! He canned most of the professional staff, then he was canned, and the company was left with demoralized programmers without any product. I takled with him for about an hour, he is all smoke and mirrors, and buzz words. Sorry SCO, but you guys should have checked him out first!

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