saving session state in an http module

I finally have a Web project that demands the use of the cooler features of ASP.NET. One of these features is tracking which search engine a visitor was referred by and storing that info. in a Session variable. This is a perfect reason to use an HTTP module.
There's plenty of code (most of it copied from MSDN) regarding creating a module and subscribing to the HttpApplication event you want and doing something when that event fires. Unfortunately, the information on what the events do leaves a little to be desired.
My dilema was that I needed to find which event would allow me to write to the Sesssion state. At first, I used BeginRequest and got a nice error that SessionState wasn't available in that context. Damn, now I had to read the descriptions of what each event does. I'd like to say I decoded the meanings and chose the correct event but I used a little deductive reasoning and trial and error instead.
PreSendRequestHeaders – nope
ReleaseRequestState – nope
AcquireRequestState – bingo!
That's the one that worked and allowed writing to the Session state.

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